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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Let's get straight to it; All the buzz surrounding the overall release of the album has been really good. Biophilia's overall concept is not just about the music but also the visuals, the apps and all the technology surrounding this album. This is a modern day way to release an album and we may start to see this from other artists.
This album has also described as a great way to teach students about the solar system and as an educational tool, the accompanying apps (available in apps stores) could make learning these scientific concepts exciting and interesting. Well darn, I wish I were a student and learning about the solar system for the first time through Bjork. But I am not. I'm a 31 year old Bjork fan and all I want is a good Bjork album. Well the music itself as a whole is rather dull and it breaks my heart to say it. There is nothing groundbreaking about it and it sounds like a rehash of Vespertine, Selmasongs and Medulla....and sadly not a rehash of the gems of those respective albums. There are a few tracks on this album that wish they were "Pagan Poetry" but don't come anywhere as close to the genius of that song. I just don't understand why Bjork stays in this strange folky electronic moody dark drab world. It was groundbreaking with Vespertine but lets move forward or if she's going to copy her old work, why cant it be something from the first three albums....ugh!

I'll split this up into three categories. The gems are the best tracks on the album but I wouldn't consider these overall career bests. The mediocre tracks are just that, just OK! Why she released Crystalline as the first single is beyond me. Lastly, there are the duds and on this album the two worst tracks have the opportunity of showing up twice.

The Gems:
Thunderbolt - (Bjork, I'm craving a miracle myself....that you'll put out a song I can try to sing-a-long Triumph of a Heart, Big Time Sensuality, I Miss You, Army of Me, Violently Happy, Hyperballad, Joga...)
Virus - This a major album highlight
Mutual Core - This is another major highlight - love the classic Bjork wailing
Nattura - (This track came out almost 2 years ago - nonetheless its wonderful and really stands out when surrounded by so many duds)

The Mediocrity:
Moon - Great potential/doesn't hit the mark.
Crystalline - Not first single material.

The Duds - (This is that experimental stuff that some may call groundbreaking...I call it filler - 6 filler tracks on an album with 13 total tracks. Not good!)
Dark Matter - both versions.
Hollow - What is this and why do we need an additional seven minute version?