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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Aphrodite, the glittery electro 90's inspired 11th studio album, from the Aussie princess, Ms. Kylie Minogue is easily in my top 5 albums of 2010. Kylie and her record label decided her previous effort, the post-breast cancer "X" was just too disjointed with input from too many producers resulting in too many different styles. Cohesion seemed to be the theme this time around and to make sure she got just that, Kylie hired music magician, Stuart Price (Madonna, Killers, Frankmusik, Duffy), to executive produce the project. The final product is 45 minutes of pure electro pop bliss as Kylie takes us on a goddess-like journey.
All the Lovers, a great electro pop track with ethereal feel was mistakenly chosen as the first single. I think it was the sole reason second single "Get Outta My Way" could not gain any momentum. The track is reminiscent of some of Kylie's biggest hits, including Love at First Sight, and the similarly named, Cant Get You Out of My Head mixed with Stardust's "Music Sounds Better". This was Disco pop Kylie with a strong girl power message. This track should have easily hit the top of the charts worldwide.
Now this video pops up for third track on the album, Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love). The original album track is a hi-NRG 90's dance track and my personal favorite track from Aphrodite. The Peter Hammond mix, chosen for this 'lyric' video, takes us right back to the 80's when Kylie Mingoue was produced by the famous Stock Aitken Waterman.
Enjoy the video and I'll see you at the Kylie Hollywood Bowl show on May 20th!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Sky Ferreira returns with a new track titled "Sex Rules" written by Billy Steinberg (who also wrote #1 Madonna track "Like A Virgin") Maybe this will be the track that gets her into the mainstream? Previous failed attempts at a successful first single, "One", and "Obsession" were all over the blogs. "Sex Rules" is reminiscent of a sexy 80's sound. As a matter of fact, it sounds almost identical to a track with a similar title..."Sex Shooter." Nonetheless, its a great track and the lead from her upcoming US debut EP, "As If" An 80's sounding first single on a 90's sounding album for me.